Automatic Driving Lesson Reviews

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8th February 2018 at 6:25 pm

Colin is the third driving instructor I’ve been taught by and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. As a sufferer of anxiety and depression, becoming a ‘proper driver’ seemed an unattainable goal- until I started learning with Bright Red L! Colin is everything an excellent instructor should be: incredibly patient, friendly (funny even), working with the learner at their pace. The lessons are structured but not overly so, with an incredibly helpful recap at the end which Colin will email to you so you can track your progress week on week. I passed my test a fortnight ago, a feat I once thought was never achievable. Thanks Colin! Couldn’t have done it without your support and guidance.


I had an instructor before Colin and new I didn’t gel but when I found Colin and gave him a call, from the moment I got into the car till the end of my lesson I knew I was going to learn a lot. I had so much fun as he engages with you every lesson, his method of teaching is very different from the rest of the instructors I have come across. I passed first time,
this is evident that everything Colin taught me was outstanding. I’m very thankful to you Colin and for anyone who wants to learn how to drive, I recommend and advice you reach out to him

After having a very negative view about driving I decided to give it one last chance before giving up forever.

Booking with Collin was the best decision I ever made. I went from hating driving to enjoying it again. He made everything so easy. He made sure I didn’t feel rushed and I could move at my own pace.

I ended up passing with one minor. Of you had seen my driving before you would have never thought it’d be possible.

I know the price might seem a bit high but it is honestly worth it because you can actually feel that you’re getting your money’s worth. I’ve recommended hin to everyone I know because he actually works miracles!

After going from an instructor before (from b** his name was m*****l, do not learn with him be dosent let you drive lol!! And he actually nocked my confidence more i never thought I’d be driving until i started learning with collin he was amazing! Had so much patience boosted my confidence taugh me everything i need to no how to be a safe driver not just how to pass a test and that was in 3 and a half month of driving lessons amazing thankyou collin can’t thank you enough amazing lovely man highly reccomend!!