Is This The Last Time I Fill Up?

With the Nissan Leaf electric being collected tomorrow, I started to think as I filled my Auris Hybrid up with fuel a couple of days ago, is this the last time I fill a car with petrol, or any fossil fuel? In reality it’s probably not the last time I fill a car but probably the last time I fill up a car I own.

To be fair to the Auris it has been a brilliant car to teach in, like the Prius I had before it. It has consistently returned around 55MPG  because of it’s hybrid power plant. It’s a shame that Toyota, the masters of the hybrid power unit, haven’t got a full electric model available currently and it seems nothing too soon either. While most major manufacturers are about to start producing electric models if they don’t already have them it just seems they’ve been left behind a bit.

It’s not going to be the last time I stop at a fuel station even in an electric car. The oil companies are investing in rapid chargers and rolling them out around their networks of stations so EV owners will not be lost to them. BP own Chargemaster who run the existing network of Polar Rapid Chargers. Shell are also rolling out chargers.

I wonder if we’ll still call them Petrol Stations?

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