Fleet Driver Training

Electric Vehicle Specialists

When you look after your company drivers with training and driver assessments you reduce costs of running your fleet, improve the safety of your employees and reduce your carbon footprint. An Eco Safe fleet makes a good impression on customers and enhances the reputation of your business. We can tailored driver training and assessments specifically for the requirements of your business helping you with your duty of care to employees.

Our specialist area is Eco Safe driving and the move to electric vehicles as we need to be more climate aware in business vehicle use. All of our trainers are Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency accredited and registered.

Reduce costs

Incorporating Eco Safe driving techniques into your driver assessments saves money. Together with fuel cost savings from driving economically, there’s savings on insurance, less lost days of work due to collisions and less wear and tear on vehicles. Fill in the enquiry form below to discuss incorporating Eco Safe training in your driver assessments.

Improve Your Fleet’s Safety

Training and assessing your drivers will encourage safer driving. Your employees will be involved in less collisions reducing the risk of injury and lost days at work. You’ll have fewer headaches sorting situations caused by collisions. An Eco Safe driver has lower stress levels being more relaxed and less stressed due to practising better awareness and anticipation of the road while driving.

Save Over 10% in Fuel Costs

With a few simple Eco Safe changes to driving style your drivers could save over 10% in fuel costs. Eco Safe driving can improve EV range by over 10% helping to alleviate range anxiety in new EV drivers. We can incorporate Eco Safe driving techniques into assessments and training which have proven fuel savings. Improving fuel economy also reduces emissions so you are kinder to the environment. Wear and tear on vehicles is reduced with Eco Safe driving. Less brake wear, less strain on the engine and drive components, reduced tyre wear add up to less maintenance costs and vehicle downtime for repairs.

Energy Savings Trust Courses

We provide you with Eco Safe fleet training based on the Energy Savings Trust guidelines. Our trainers have been trained by the Energy Savings Trust to deliver Eco Safe driving courses in electric, petrol and diesel engined vehicles. EST grants towards your training may be available, fill out the enquiry form below for more information.

Get Ahead Of The Move to Electric

The move to electric vehicles has started with the cost of ownership of an EV beginning to be the same or less than an equivalent fossil fuelled car. Battery ranges are now enough for an EV to be used for most purposes. Are you considering the move to an electric fleet? With experience running, using and training in EVs we can tailor training and consultancy to help you transition to an electric fleet significantly reducing your carbon footprint and running costs.