Electric Vehicle Fleet Driver Training

As we move towards electric vehicles you have a change in culture of vehicle use and drivers attitudes that needs managing. Issues around vehicle range, charging and employee reluctance need to be addressed. We can help you make that transition with consultancy and training.

Electric vehicle cost of ownership is becoming equivalent to a petrol or diesel vehicle. The costs of the EVs will now come down while ICE vehicles increases. For businesses the change to electric vehicles is something that needs to be considered.

Our electric vehicle training and consultancy helps you with the transition.

Electric Vehicle Training

Because there can be reluctance from employees towards electric vehicles due to concerns about range and charging, an understandable reluctance to change, we can tailor training to help employees understand how to use your electric vehicles. You can incorporate driver assessments with EV familiarisation. You can also add Eco Safe driving to help manage range anxiety.

From our experience, most drivers enjoy driving electric vehicles as soon as the unknown factors around charging and range are addressed. Electric vehicles are a very pleasant place to be travelling smoothly and quietly making your employees days less stressful.


If you want to move to an electric fleet and are unsure where to start we can help with advice and consultancy. From analysing your current usage and how this will fit in with EVs, to helping understand charging and range.

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