Eco Safe Fleet Driver Training

Save Money and Improve Safety

How much is a 10% saving on fuel worth to you? With some simple driving techniques your drivers can save fuel and improve their safety. You can incorporate Eco Safe driving into your normal driver assessment or have separate training sessions.

We base our Eco Safe driver training on the Energy Savings Trust principles. All of our trainers have been trained themselves by the Energy Savings Trust in delivering Eco Safe driving courses. There may be Energy Savings Trust grants available to meet some, or all, of the cost of your training.

Over 10% Fuel Saving

The results of training staff in one organisation resulted in an 11.81% average fuel saving. This training was carried out in the organisations Nissan Leaf electric cars. The techniques are the same as in petrol and diesel cars with greater potential for savings in manual cars.

Once familiarised with the car, candidates were taken for a 20 minute drive, then introduced to Eco Safe driving techniques and taken for a second drive on the same route. The difference in energy used was monitored.

The Results

98 Candidates
11.81% Average Fuel Saving
1.8% Smallest Increase in Fuel Saving
31.7% Greatest Increase in Fuel Saving

As a motivation to save fuel each candidate was asked their own annual personal fuel costs. The amount they could save based on their Eco Safe drive was calculated.

Total annual personal fuel saving for all the candidates – £13,488
Average personal fuel saving – £138

An 11.81% saving in fuel is also an 11.81% saving in exhaust emissions. Eco Safe driving also reduces tyre and brake wear reducing brake dust and rubber deposits. In electric vehicles range will be increased helping with range anxiety.

Ask About Eco Safe Driving

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