Automatic Driving Lessons in Portsmouth and Southsea

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For Automatic Driving Lessons in Portsmouth and Southsea

Automatic Driving Lessons in Portsmouth

With Colin Martin

Would you like to drive without gears and clutches?

My name is Colin and I do wonder why we still have gears in cars and realise that clutches and gears are not for everybody.

I’ve been teaching in automatic cars since 2006 having qualified as a Driving Instructor in 2002. In the time I’ve been teaching automatic I’ve noticed we are moving more and more towards automatic cars. With the transition by car manufacturers towards hybrid and electric power, which are all automatic, and the restriction of new emission regulations, in a few years most new cars available will be automatic. Automatic cars are becoming more economical with lower emissions and better performance than their manual equivalents. So learning in automatic makes a lot of sense as we see an increasing number of automatic cars on our roads.

Automatic gear selector

Your automatic driving lessons will be in a Nissan Leaf electric car. This is the modern generation of full electric cars, the controls are light and easy to use, it’s very quiet and relaxed, keeping the stress levels down. It’s the more common type of automatic that doesn’t roll back on hills making hill starts and rolling backwards a thing of the past.

You should learn to become a safe driver a lot quicker in an automatic car compared to a manual keeping down the total cost of learning to drive and passing your test.

Continuous professional development helps me to deliver high quality training. I’m Chairman of our local instructors association, SDIA, which organises events, meeting and courses to keep South Hampshire and West Sussex driving instructors up to date with industry developments. Have a look at my reviews  to see what people think about their automatic driving lessons.

Call or Text 07916 258948

For Automatic Driving Lessons in Portsmouth and Southsea